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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Don't be shy - After 1NT You Can Bid On Air (And A Long Suit!) - 25 August 2010

As I said last week when partner opens 1 of a suit you MUST respond when you have 6 or more points in case partner holds 19 HCP. However when partner opens 1NT things radically alter.

For a start, you know they won’t have 19, so the need to just bid any old thing with 6 HCP doesn’t arise. Alternatively, when partner open 1 of a suit you shouldn’t bid with less than 5HCP, but now after 1NT there are situations where you WILL bid with absolutely nothing! Bids have different meanings; you may be expected to bid with 0+ points and you may be expected to pass with as many 10 points. Weird huh? How can this be? you cry. Has the man taken leave of his senses? Well, maybe, but the point is …

Responses When Partner Opens (12 - 14)

When partner opens One of a Suit they can have a crummy 10 to a gorgeous 20 HCP. We just don’t know so we keep bidding until we do know. But when partner bids 1NT we know specifically the range promised – 12 - 14. Armed with this valuable knowledge your strategy is subtly different. Here’s a breakdown of what your responses should be and what they mean:
  • PASS Balanced – less than 10 or unbalanced with no suitable bid
  • 2C Stayman (“Have you got a 4-card major?")
  • 2D Transfer (“Bid 2H”)
  • 2H Transfer (“Bid 2S”)
  • 2S minor suit run-out (“bid 3C”)
  • 2NT 11-12 balanced (“Bid game if you have 14”)
  • 3C VG suit, slam interest
  • 3D VG suit, slam interest
Above this things get more complicated as well as being open to many differing and varied concepts and styles so, er… we’ll forget all that then!


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