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Thursday, 5 April 2012


"You have to make a choice Mr Bond," said Scaramanga. "Will your Doubles be penalty or take-out?"
"Nnnngh," said Bond, bound and gagged as he was.
"So, let us decide once and for all. Let us say that (1) a double of an opening bid of one of a suit is for take-out and that (2) a double of 1NT is for penalty, yes?
"Nnnngh," said Bond again.
"Exactly." said Scaramanga. "Now the onus is on partner to know how to respond in each different case, no?"
"Nnnngh," said Bond again.
"Right. When partner Doubles one of a suit (Take Out) - they want you to bid whatever your hand may be. But when they double 1NT (Penalty) they want you to bid with a poor hand but PASS! with a good hand! Isn't that strange?"
Nnnngh, said Bond again, rather unoriginally.
"You see - it's those juicy penalties you can extract. Especially if declarer is Vulnerable. Even 1 down doubled and Vulnerable is 200; while 2 down is 500! On the other hand, the problem arises if you double them and they actually make their 1NT doubled and Vulnerable. Now you give away 180, or even 380 if they make an overtrick. This is why you have to decide what to do with very weak hands when partner doubles 1NT."
"But surely - " said Bond leaping free from his Bondage - "it's a simple maths question! If partner doubles they have 15+ HCP, so if you have 5 or more you have the balance of the points and should leave the double in! So what if they make it. You have to be tough and unafraid, isn't that so - Scaremonger?"

Last week I saw leaving 1NT doubled in netted +1400.  5 down doubled and vulnerable. So you might like to consider what the 1NT bidder's partner can do to rescue the situation...

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