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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

2-Suited Overcalls - The Contessa Bids Michaels 12 Jan 2011

“You have to get in there whenever you can,” breathed the Contessa.

As she laid them gently on the table, I was rather amazed to see what she had. The bidding had started on my left:

1H - 2H! - 4H - 4S
Dble - P - P - P

I alerted the Contessa’s 2H and when asked said it was a Michaels Cue bid showing a weak hand (5 - 9) with at least 5 Spades and a 5 card minor.

In fact the Contessa’s dummy was a lot less in points than expected and my heart sank when I saw it:


I held:


I didn’t expect to make 4S but knew we had a double fit and just wanted to be awkward. 16 points between us didn't seem enough for game (!) but I soldiered on. Luckily the ace of clubs was on my right and the suit broke 3-2. I got away with losing 2 clubs and a heart to make my daring doubled game.

It was always exciting when the Contessa let me play with her. “You see? You should never be shy when you have a good shape, no?”

I swear she winked at me…

For more on this, check the blog at: http://basementbridge.blogspot.com/2010/05/two-suited-overcalls-part-2-michaels.html

Have fun

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