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Thursday, 2 February 2012


Spock was teaching Klingons Bridge.
"Above all else, Bridge is a partnership game," said Spock. "With both sides bidding - a competitive auction - partner competes to 5D over their 4S hoping to make a worthwhile sacrifice. It so turns out it's not; you go badly down when, in fact, their 4S was never making. You get a really bad score. How do you re-act?"
"I tear his ears, gouge his eyes, break his teeth. Then I kill him," the Klingon smiled wearily. Spock narrowed his eyes.
"Interesting. However, not conducive to partnership understanding. If that was board 4 of a 24 board session, what do you do for the next 20 boards?"
The Klingons shuffled in their seats and mumbled.
"It's not really going to work out, is it?" explained Spock patiently.
"You mean... should we keep him alive?"
"That's certainly a viable option. Another option would be to commiserate with your unfortunate partner and praise them for their willingness to boldly compete the auction to the limit. Then partner is more likely to aggressively compete correctly on future boards. Which he can't do if he's dead."
"Are you saying I should be nice to partner whatever happens?" Spock lowered his head in consent. "But this is not the way of Klingons, Spock."
"Maybe not. But it is the way of Bridge. Do not treat your partner as your opponent. You have enough trouble with the bastards either side of you. Everyone makes mistakes; bids too much; bids not enough; misplays or misdefends a hand. As, I can assure you, so will you."
The Klingons banged the table and swore they would never ever in the heat of bridge do such things. Spock gestured and the room fell silent.
"You will make mistakes, I guarantee it. And when you do, you will hope partner understands your mistakes were made with the best of all intentions; for the good of the collective and not for individual glory. Your partnership will then do so much better. The Power of Pairs outweigh the Weakness of One. This is the Law."

Keep partner relaxed and focussed. Whatever happens. Getting tetchy achieves zero. Worse - it will make you play badly as well, as you are now concerned with being right when your only concern should be the next hand.
Have more fun

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