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Thursday, 2 February 2012


"I say Jeeves. Bit rum of you to raise me to 3NT after their weak 2S opening. I went down like a May Ball Fresher. Have a care in future."

"Yes of course Sir. Though if I might venture to suggest Sir, it seems eminently possible you can make the contract."

"The Dickens! You don't say so old chap. Really?"

"Yes Sir. If you remember the hand... East opened 2S (weak), you bid 2NT and I raised to 3NT -





xx KQJ10xx

10xxx Jx

xx Qxx

AQJ10x xx





A Spade was led, which you very correctly ducked, Sir.."

"Golly ta ever so Jeeves,"

"East continued the suit and you then - correctly again in my humble view Sir, played East for the Q of D, as you cannot let East in to cash his Spades and lead a Club, can you Sir,"

"I think should bally well think not old bean."

"You now had 5 tricks and if the H's split 3 - 3 you make 4 H tricks and your contract."

"But that was the deuce of it. Duffing H's split 4 - 2 so heck what now says I to meself. Ghastly so I try a low Club to the K, but West has all those and the last H so I'm a gonner - one orff. As I said Jeeves, your raise to 3NT was somewhat of a tad on the hasty side."

"If I may sir? The H's do not break, as you say, but there is remedial action to be indulged at this juncture. If, despite the bad break in H's you nevertheless continue a 4th round of the suit, West is forced to win and now, with only C's left in his hand, can cash the A of the suit but must then perforce lead a C round to your K for the 9th trick. Contract made."

"Oh I say that is jolly clever. Well slap me with a whippy fishing rod what a dashed fine notion!"

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