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Saturday, 10 March 2012


Responding with 10 - 12, 4 card fits:

"Responding to partner's opening is not always a straightforward issue" said Bond James Bond.
"And how, James, would you like me to respond to you?" pouted the delectable Ritzi Cream. "Don't you want always for me to respond in the same way?" she breathed breathlessly.
"Not at all, no way. It depends what happens between us. Especially if there's a good fit..."
"Oh James..."
"You see, when partner opens there are three things that can happen before responder gets to bid."
"Three things? But does that matter?"
"Oh yes. Indeed it does my little angel. When partner opens there is an opponent on your right who will get to bid before you do. And that Right Hand Opponent (RHO) will possibly do one of three things: they will Pass, Double or Overcall. And what you as responder will do is dependent on RHO's action. Take this hand where you have a good fit for partner:

"Partner opens 1 H. Depending on what RHO does you can make 3 different bids. If they Pass you will bid 3H (10 - 12, 4 card support - the Limit Raise.) If they Double you will bid 2NT (the Limit Raise after a double!)) and if they overcall you will cue-bid their suit (10+, 4 card support). The same hand: three different bids depending on which of the three things RHO bids."
"You mean... it's not just what's in your hand," sighed Ritzi, "but what the opposition do as well?"
"Perfectly right, shweetheart..."

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