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Thursday, 22 March 2012


0 - 9 with a 4+ card fit:

Inspector Mainwaring  was teaching the platoon bridge for the annual match against the ARP.
"Now look here, men. This a very big thing I am going to put in front of you - Wilson - take that man's name."
"But you know his name."
"Yes of course I know his name, what I meant was - oh never mind. Now pay attention. Partner opens one of a suit, but the dastardly swine on your right makes an overcall. What's the drill, Corporal?"
"Don't panic!"
"Absolutely correct. We will: number 1: look at our hand. Number 2: evaluate said hand. Number 3 make requisite bid according to instructions. What're you doing Pike?"
"Looking for my instructions, Sir."
"Well you won't find them in there, will he Wilson?"
"Ah but you see, Sir , he just might.."
"Stupid boy. This lesson is about what to do when partner opens, RHO overcalls and we have support but a weakness."
"How weak is weak? You see I've got a weakness..."
"I don't think we need to know that  Godfrey. Anyway, weak is anything less than 10 points. The general principle is to make life as difficult as possible for the opposition. So we set a trap; a minefield. What do we do Walker?"
"Bugger about a bit Sir."
"Exactly so - Oh I say.. Quieten down now men. This is serious stuff. Righty-ho - partner opens 1S, opponent overcalls 2H and we hold this motley collection:
What do we do? No no no. 2S won't win us any match points. And no, nor will 3S. No, the answer here is to bid 4S! They'll jolly well find it jolly hard to bid 4H now won't they eh?"
"They don't like it up 'em do they Sir?"
"That's the ticket, men. When you're weak with a fit, bid like a tiger, stiffen the sinews etc and all that malarkey. Remember - weak hands pre-empt!"

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