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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


"So tell me," said Alice surveying the wreckage of the tea party, "When should a King cover a Queen?"
"As often as possible!" guffawed the Mad Hatter.
"Don't be so rude!" squawked Alice.
"Relax. Have some more of the Herbal Tea," smiled the dozy Dormouse.
"No, I'm sorry, I'm absolutely serious." said Alice seriously.
"Never a truer word.." said the Hatter.
"The thing is, one always says one should always cover an Honour with an Honour, when that Honour is led from one's right. But is that always so? Aren't there any times at all when it could be wrong to do so?" asked Alice.
The Hatter, the Dormouse and the March Hare looked at each other quizzically, raised a forefinger to their lips and looking skyward all said: " Hmmm."
"Hmmm what then? What Hmmm? What's with the quizzical hmmming?"
"You see, "said the March Hare lugubriously, "It all depends."
"That's right, so right," said the Hatter. "Everything always depends on everything else, don't you know?"
"There's no earthly point in stomping off like that, Alice dear." Said the Hare. "I will attempt to explain. If declarer has Qxx in dummy and plays the Q you definitely should play your K. The idea is to promote a lower card in your partner's hand - such as the 10 or J. If however dummy's suit is QJxx you should - in general - not cover the Q but wait until the J is played and then cover that. i.e. cover the second honour in a sequence. On top of that you need to be beware of what Declarer's shape might be. A trap for the unwary is this one:
Dummy has QJ10x and the Q is led. You hold Kxxx. If you can see the possibility that Declarer may hold either Ax or A singleton then you should NEVER cover at all!"
"Just what I said," said the Hatter. "It all depends! Maybe I could sell you a Thinking Hat, Alice, dear?"

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